About Us

MYPROJECT has been establishing cooperation with domestic and foreign investors, putting into practice qualified residence, office, shopping mall, business center, social and cultural projects on developing valuable lands for the last 30 years,. Embarking on a corporate strategy focused on enhancing life quality with elaborately-designed living spaces, Myproject guarantees profitable investment through its “value-added” approach throughout the process from land owners to end users.

What do we do?

MYPROJECT offers project management, project development and project evaluation & consulting services to investment and financing enterprises in construction and real estate development projects.

  • Project Development
  • Project Management
  • Project Evaluation & Consultancy

Our Value Map

Our value map is founded on:

  • Team Work & Transparency
  • Mutual Trust & Benefit
  • Partnership & Synergy
  • Aesthetics & Currency
  • Knowledge & Specialization
  • Analytics & Scientific approach

Our focus is based on the “value-added” approach.